What do you do when the rug was swept from under you?

Today, the rug was swept from under me. I was let go from my job.

Thanks to meditation, the support of others, and taking a frugal lifestyle approach, I’m in a position where I don’t need to jump into anything right away due to financial obligations.

I have found this post from James Altucher in dealing with the current situation. Thank you James for your constant wisdom and willing to spew your guts for everyone to look at.

There’s one area of this in particular that I’m looking at; write a 30 page book called 100 things to do the day after you’re fired. Instead of waiting, I’m going to make up a quick list now.

  1. Sleep in.
  2. Take a long walk.
  3. Drive three hours in any direction and spend some time there.
  4. Call your Grandparents.
  5. Go to a bookstore and read books off the shelf for hours, or until they kick you out.
  6. Start a podcast
  7. Record some music
  8. Learn how to freestyle
  9. Learn how to sing
  10. Go fishing
  11. Try standup comedy
  12. Go talk to the homeless and get their side of the story
  13. Mindmap your next move
  14. Plan a trip to Japan, or wherever you want to go
  15. Go tell someone that you love them
  16. Go tell someone that it is over between the two of you
  17. Go to an subway station and high five people coming up the stairs
  18. Go to a public park and start juggling
  19. Go to a yoga class
  20. Go to a museum
  21. Go to the shooting range
  22. Go to the driving range
  23. Cook yourself a meal that you’ve never cooked before
  24. Go to your favorite fast food joint and see how many burgers you can eat
  25. Ask someone on the street for directions to a place that you know how to get to
  26. Walk backwards for 3 km
  27. Start a blog
  28. Record a video and post it onto YouTube
  29. Write a book
  30. Learn to play an instrument
  31. Watch a film that you haven’t seen since your childhood
  32. Go to the library and take out many books
  33. Start your own business
  34. Spend some time with dogs
  35. Go to the beach if you can
  36. Go play laser tag
  37. Go to the mall and people watch
  38. Go to your favorite place to eat and ask for something you’ve never had before
  39. Go dumpster diving
  40. Play poker
  41. Listen to podcasts
  42. Play a video game that you have not played since your childhood
  43. Read a children’s book that you read as a child
  44. Go to the gym and do the exercise that you hate the most with focus
  45. Take random items from your fridge and throw it in a blender, and drink
  46. Go to a wine tasting event
  47. Go play mini-golf
  48. Go race with some go-karts
  49. Go to a film in the theatre that you have never heard of
  50. If there are people preaching on the streets, go talk to them and get their side of the story
  51. Go around town and say “hello” to everyone while looking them in the eye
  52. Invite out someone that you have not seen in over five years for a coffee
  53. Paint
  54. Come with ideas for a documentary
  55. Read the works of Da Vinci
  56. Start reading Infinite Jest
  57. Watch the first three star wars movies back to back
  58. Go buy some chocolate bars and enjoy
  59. Make a pillow fort
  60. Start learning a new language
  61. Read about the life of someone that you admire
  62. Go to a restaurant that you have never gone to before
  63. Go to the museum
  64. Be a tourist in your own town
  65. Go volunteer
  66. Give money to the homeless
  67. Go to a park and practice juggling
  68. Read about the progress of self-driving cars
  69. Listen to your favorite songs and albums
  70. Think about all the songs that were being played when you were ten, then go find a YouTube playlist and listen to them
  71. Call a random phone number and have a conversation
  72. Put on a suit and go walk around town
  73. Light some candles and stare into the flame
  74. Find something that is broken and try to fix it
  75. Water some plants
  76. Walk around on grass barefoot
  77. Go to the Chinatown or Little *insert country here* in your city (if you have one)
  78. Clean your house
  79. Throw out things you don’t need
  80. Look online for cheap flights that leave tomorrow
  81. Stare at a clock for five minutes
  82. Turn up a song loud and belt along with it
  83. Find a busker and stay to listen
  84. Go to a food court at a mall and people watch
  85. Do improv on the street
  86. Ride your bicycle
  87. Drive a direction with no destination in mind
  88. Skip around a park
  89. Go to a dog park, and watch the dogs
  90. Take a long shower
  91. Go to a group fitness class
  92. Go take up martial arts
  93. Go to a cooking class
  94. Go to a university and sit in on a random lecture
  95. Blog about one of the things that you did from your list
  96. Make a list of 100 things you would do the day after you were fired
  97. Go to a networking event that has nothing to do with your field
  98. Go to a hardware store and walk around
  99. Do some photography
  100. Be grateful for what you have