Thank You – An Ode to gratitude

Thank you meditation

Of all the habits that I’ve taken up in the last several years, or habits in general, meditation is the #1 habit that I’ve picked up and made a consistent practice. Meditation has helped reduce my anxiety and my anxiety attacks, has given me a better sense of peace, and has helped me see that when I think I may be drowning, the water is only up to my ankles. Thank you, meditation, for all that you’ve done to me. I look forward to seeing how things change over the years as a result.

Thank you improv, and to all my improv friends

Of all the new activities I have tried out in the last several years, taking up improv has been my #1 thing that has impacted my life, save for yoga. There is a lot of crossover between meditation and improv, such as being in the moment. Improv has taught me to fail, to take risks, to say yes, to be positive, to be present in the scene, to make bold offers and choices, and to be imaginative. As well, thank you to all my improv friends as well, for it would not be the same if you were not all such cool individuals who have come from all walks of life. I’ve struggled over the last couple years with making new friends outside of University, but the improv crew has been so cool and it’s been amazing to watch our skills grow over time. Let’s keep it up!

Thank you flotation tanks

I’m glad that the amount of float tank centres are expanding, as opposed to just a couple of years ago where it was just a single flotation tank in someone’s basement. Now, there are studios with multiple tanks around the city. Flotation tanks are meditation on steroids. It’s incredible how aware you become of your thoughts when you’re in a tank that deprives your sense. If you’ve never tried one, it’s one of the cooler experiences that you can try. Do now however that it may be a bit on the pricey side, but it’s 100% worth it.

Thank you St. Vincent

I think there’s a fan letter to be written here at a further date. Over the last few years, I’ve been fairly bored with new music. The radio stations that I used to listen to for alternative or indy music was becoming harder to distinguish between bands. Every band started to blend into one another, and there was little originality. St. Vincent, on the other hand, blows them all out of the water with a sound that is unique and original. Thank you, St. Vincent, for being a true original, when most of your peers are blending into one another. Congratulations on your own custom guitar!

Thank you to this blog

This blog is still in its infant stages. I have no idea where the future of it will go. Perhaps I’ll find a topic that interests me and focus my energy into one area. Maybe one day I’ll write something that connects and before I know it, I have a large community following my work. That said, this blog has been amazing for helping me get things off my chest, and ideas out into the world. If you’re reading this, I thank you.