If “Take a Risk, it’s the most Edmonton thing you can do”, then I’m taking one by leaving Edmonton.

Oh man…did I really just write that title? Ugh. When writing that title, this Tweet popped into my mind. No, quitting a job at a tech company is not like quitting Led Zeppelin. I wish I could say … [Read more...]

Leaving Your Legacy

What are you going to do in regards to leaving your legacy? Are people going to remember you for all the TV shows that you watched? All the books that you read? The 250 top IMDB films that you … [Read more...]

Prince – A Fan Letter

A fan letter to Prince, who has recently passed away. The last time I did one of these was after the passing of David Bowie. Prince, his royal badness, has passed away at the age of 57. It's … [Read more...]

Getting Support

Over the last few days, the amount of support that I have received has been staggering. After parting ways with my previous employee, I have reached out to a number of individuals who have been more … [Read more...]

Thank You – An Ode to gratitude

Thank you meditation Of all the habits that I've taken up in the last several years, or habits in general, meditation is the #1 habit that I've picked up and made a consistent practice. Meditation … [Read more...]