Saying More with Less

In some cases, you should be saying more with less. I had a major breakthrough in improv a few weeks ago in regards to this. I would get uncomfortable if their was silence from the audience, and … [Read more...]

Jumping to Conclusions

Our World Continues to make the ill-decided choice of jumping to conclusions. I live a low information diet. What's been happening with the Orlando Nightclub incident is something that I'm not that … [Read more...]

City Escapes – Getting out of town

City escapes (assuming you're a city individual) are a great way to recharge batteries. Depending on who you are, this could involve many ways of retreat. For the wealthy, this could involve taking a … [Read more...]

Getting Support

Over the last few days, the amount of support that I have received has been staggering. After parting ways with my previous employee, I have reached out to a number of individuals who have been more … [Read more...]

Anxiety Attacks – An Update

A few months back, I wrote a long post about my struggle with anxiety attacks. Over the weekend, I went through my first anxiety attack since (I think) December. To be honest, I can't remember the … [Read more...]