2017 Week 7 Challenge – Read this Book

Your challenge is to read this book in one week! *Attached Book* Challenge accepted! ...However, this one is going to have to wait awhile as it goes into the queue of books to read. I read. A lot. … [Read more...]

The Curious Case of the Recluse

In a time when it's easier than ever to reach anyone , it's refreshing that there are those who still maintain a wall of privacy. There have been many incredible creators over the years who have … [Read more...]

The Death of Gawker – What Does It Mean?

Gawker is now dead. It took some time, but the straw that broke the camel's back was the Hogan legdrop after a hot-tag from Peter Thiel thanks to the billionaire's financial backing of Hogan's … [Read more...]

Fan entitlement

There's been a growing concern over the last few years for fan entitlement. The word entitlement is tossed around in many conversations these days, from the entitlement of millenials, a topic that is … [Read more...]

Challenging Art – Revisiting

Challenging art can be tough to make your way through. We've all been there, trying to make our way through challenging art. Have you tried to watch a film that was loved by a select few for how … [Read more...]

Celebrity Gossip – Why Should you Care?

I feel like a hypocrite writing this. Whenever it comes to certain topics, I feel the best approach to make them go away is to simply ignore them. Are you upset over what someone said on Twitter? … [Read more...]