Being Positive in a World full of Noise and Negativity

I've become more jaded with the world over the last few years. Granted, I'm sure that happens with everyone when you get older, right? Remember when Facebook and other social media sources used to … [Read more...]

2017 Week 8 Challenge – Throwing Stuff Out

Can you fill this bag with things around your space that you could donate to goodwill? *Attached: Black Garbage bag* Say no more! I'm moving to Vancouver for early May (or sooner), so this comes … [Read more...]

Giving Up Too Soon

We've all faced a point where we gave up on something before we should have. There is a point where I've given up too soon on something, or someone. Maybe I come back to it later and it clicks. But … [Read more...]

2017 Week 3 Challenge – Dealing with the Lizard Brain AKA Procrastination

My 3rd challenge for my 52 weekly 2017 challenges involves dealing with procrastination. I suffer from massive procrastination. Take these clothespins and mark off five tasks you need to get done … [Read more...]

Just Show Up

When in doubt, just remember to show up. It's something I have written about in the past before, whether directly or indirectly. So, just show up. Nothing is more … [Read more...]

Was 2016 the worst year ever? If you want it to be

There's been a narrative so loud about 2016 being the worst year ever that even I can't ignore it. The low information diet can't avoid the fuss about this one. Some people are calling it the worst … [Read more...]