It Worked for My Parents – Why Not Me?

It's 2016. Not 1986. No, this isn't a Baby Boomers vs Millennials article. If you want to go read those, there's plenty out there. Even better, go to the comments thread. I'm sure you'll find that as … [Read more...]

Neoliberalism – Some Thoughts

As I begin writing this, I have little idea of how to put this together coherently, but thinking about neoliberalism has given me plenty of food for thought. Recently, I came across this brilliant … [Read more...]

Leaving Your Legacy

What are you going to do in regards to leaving your legacy? Are people going to remember you for all the TV shows that you watched? All the books that you read? The 250 top IMDB films that you … [Read more...]

Velleity – Do, or just think about it?

Earlier today, on Reddit, I discovered the term velleity. I stumbled across this thread about reading books . Thank you Reddit! Velleity is an interesting term that I came across that must … [Read more...]

Late Bloomers: An Ode to the Patient

Our would seems to not think highly of late bloomers. The media is constantly lavishing attention on the young. Plenty of focus is given to young founders in the bay area, those under the age of … [Read more...]

Resistance: An Ode to Procrastination

Procrastination likes to veer its ugly head many times. Just when you feel like you have some momentum, all it takes is one day for procrastination to emerge and take you down a notch. As a result, … [Read more...]