Making Politicians Your Saviour Is a Fool’s Errand

It's easy to get swept up in Political Fever. Who could ever forget 2008 with Obama? The economy was collapsing, but people were full of hope when Obama stepped into office. Obama is going to send … [Read more...]

Being Wrong

Being Ok with being wrong is overlooked in how it can impact your life. Seems a bit strange, doesn't it? Society loves to beat into our skulls that being wrong is NOT OK. You need the 4.0 GPA to get … [Read more...]

The Asterisk of the asterisk

...of the Asterisk of the asterisk (and so on)... Who are these people? They're not the "normal". They're not the "typical". They're not "special". They are so far beyond any of that. These people … [Read more...]

The Next *Insert name here*

Instead of being the next *insert name here*, be yourself. You always here about the next *insert name here*. Here are come common examples:  Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard … [Read more...]


Over the past week, the word "fandom" has popped up and has become a fascinating thing to follow and deconstruct. There was a fantastic work on birth movies death (one of the few sites that has … [Read more...]

Late Bloomers: An Ode to the Patient

Our would seems to not think highly of late bloomers. The media is constantly lavishing attention on the young. Plenty of focus is given to young founders in the bay area, those under the age of … [Read more...]