Quitting Too Early

Quitting is an interesting concept to deal with and gives a lot of people stress.

It can be hard to persevere in the face of adversity. There are numerous external and internal factors that may be tugging at you, telling you that what you’re working on is too difficult, too time consuming, a waste of time. You feel the pull of simply throwing in the towel and quitting. By quitting too early, however, and not giving yourself a fair chance, will lead you to mediocrity as opposed to being a mover and shaker.

Society does not care about those who are quitting too early, but instead rewards those who persevere.

You’ve heard the stories so many times before…an artist, a filmmaker, an entrepreneur seems to come out of nowhere to capture our attention. We admire their talent and how they seem to have come to prominence very quickly. However, we fail to see that how much time they put in behind the scenes. 

  • How many false starts did they have?
  • How many failures did they have to deal with along the way?
  • How much time have they put into their craft?
  • How many times did they feel like throwing in the towel?
  • How many times did they come close to quitting too early?

If we lived in a world where everyone was quitting too early, we’d live in a world full of mediocrity.

We wouldn’t be using products that were built by companies that have been ingrained into society and that we take for granted. We wouldn’t be reading the work of our favourite authors, we wouldn’t be watching films by our favourite directors, we wouldn’t be listening to music by our favourite artists. Where would all these people have been? Would they have been in a 9-5 job producing mediocrity as opposed to what they would have produced otherwise?

What about quitting too late? Is that an issue as well?

Yes, but it’s far less prominent and not a major issue as quitting too early is. Is that business idea of yours simply not working no matter how you try? Take a pivot. Are you getting no traction in your work as an artist? That’s the resistance telling you to back off and fall into line. Yes, there may be situations where all signs are telling you to quit and try something else, but these situations are not as frequent as simply quitting too early.

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