Prince – A Fan Letter

A fan letter to Prince, who has recently passed away.

The last time I did one of these was after the passing of David Bowie.


Prince, his royal badness, has passed away at the age of 57. It’s been a rough year for deaths of well-known musicians, with David Bowie passing away earlier this year. While I’m what you would call a surface-level fan of Prince (I have yet to explore his catalogue in depth as opposed to his well-known work), I’ve been hit pretty hard with his passing. 

Going back to 2009 is when I first got into Prince. Late 2009 was perhaps the lowest point of my life. At this point, I was in denial about the direction that my life was going. I was on auto-pilot, and I was about to face a harsh wakeup call from anxiety and depression. I was mean to others and not a good person to be around. I do not look back at that time fondly at all, but getting into the music of Prince was one of the few highlights of the time. I picked up a 2-disc greatest hits that came out in the early 90s and was entranced by his work. For the most part, it was his well known hits with some obscure songs thrown in there, but it was a fascinating look into the work of Prince.

To say Prince was a workhorse is a vast understatement. I’m curious to see what will happen with his unreleased work. The stories of Prince’s vault is legendary, and it’s hard to say how much material is tucked away. Will the world ever hear these works? Will they be deleted? Will some of it see the light of day, while others will never be heard from beyond those who worked on it? It’s too early to say.


Prince has made a substantial impact on the world of music and the artists around him. Many artists owe their career to Prince. A multitude of genres, from R&B to rock, owe a great deal to his work. Beyond his own music, he helped right many big pop hits, and has ghostwrtied countless songs over the years.

Prince played by his own rules. Look at all the questionable things he did over the years. Many things seemed like they would nosedive his career, but he would recover. He made a lot of questionable decisions, but it help build his legacy.

Prince has an extremely devoted. These are the many who who scour out obscure b sides or songs only heard live. Prince has built a legacy in the pop world, but also has developed an incdrebily devoted audience who would follow his every move. It breaks my heart for those who are devotees to the work of Prince.