Leaving Your Legacy

What are you going to do in regards to leaving your legacy?

Are people going to remember you for all the TV shows that you watched? All the books that you read? The 250 top IMDB films that you watched? All the video games that you played? All the art that you bought? All those miles you ran? All those weights that you lifted? All the albums you collected and listened to? How much is that going to contribute in leaving your legacy?

What about the impact that you made on your friends? Your spouse? Having children? Spending years with pets? These are better ways of passing along and leaving your legacy.

Of course, instead of all the TV shows that you watched, you can always write about them and share your thoughts with others. You could do the same with books, or take the influence that you gain from them and write your own books. What about making your own films, or at the very least, making videos you can share with others on YouTube? With all the tools available, why not try making your own video game? In all those miles you ran, surely there must be stories from your time that you can share with others, whether through a blog, video, or a book? What about picking up an instrument and writing your own music?

In leaving your legacy, remember that you don’t need it to be world-changing.

In leaving your legacy, did you create a business that disrupted an industry? Does your legacy include your music that will be discussed for years on end and adored by millions of people from around the world? Do you need to be a New York Times #1 best selling author multiple times? Does your legacy include a devoted following that you gained from your podcasts, with millions of downloads an episode? Is this something that you’re looking to leave behind?

If you want, by all means, you can pursue the above, but it’s your choice. Instead of getting caught in the rat race, you make careful financial choices, become financially independent at a young age, and spend the rest of your days making your own choices. Maybe you’ll head off to the countryside and build yourself a home. The choice is yours in your legacy, but leave something that will be shared, and will be worth sharing.

It’s easier than ever now to leave something behind for others. However, don’t simply leave behind your facebook statuses, your tweets, and your Netflix watch list. It’s so easy to share and leave behind the mundane in a digital world. Why not share something that has more substance to it, and carries meaning?