If “Take a Risk, it’s the most Edmonton thing you can do”, then I’m taking one by leaving Edmonton.

Oh man…did I really just write that title? Ugh.

When writing that title, this Tweet popped into my mind.

No, quitting a job at a tech company is not like quitting Led Zeppelin. I wish I could say I’ve done something as noteworthy as writing The Rain Song of Ten Years Gone.

Anyways, I’m leaving Edmonton for Vancouver. That’s the risk I’m taking. 

I’m moving to Vancouver in about three weeks time. All things considered, Vancouver is a better fit for me with where I want to go with my lifestyle, my career, my goals etc.

Image Source: Metro News

I’ll miss having a high level of sunshine on a regular basis.

I won’t miss the fluctuation of 20 degrees within a span of a couple of days or -30 C before windchill. I won’t miss scraping off car windshields. I’ll take less sunlight, more rain, and more consistent temperatures, thank you very much.

I sure won’t miss those classic Albertan Pickup Trucks.

I won’t miss the Oilers (and no, I don’t plan on becoming a Canucks fan). I won’t miss the people who love to point their finger at the provincial government for every little mishap. I won’t miss the overuse of using #yeg on every little thing that is Edmonton related.

I won’t miss the love for country music.

I won’t miss the fact that a place like Edmonton can sell out 9 straight shows of Garth Brooks.

I’ll be missing the people. The friends. The family. The dogs. The River Valley. Chicken Chana wraps at Remedy.

Although I’m looking forward to the larger quantities of Ramen noodle and Sushi. Plus a lot of the offices at companies I’m talking with are dog friendly.

I won’t miss having a car.

While it’s not world class, getting around Vancouver with public transportation is fairly reasonable. Edmonton is getting better, but there’s still a vast portion of the area where a car is more or less needed.

Now, of course I’m painting Vancouver in a very positive light.

Why else would I be going? And who knows, perhaps a year down the road maybe I find myself coming back. That said, everyone I’ve talked to from moving out to Vancouver from Edmonton had wished they had moved out sooner. So take that for what you will.

So farewell Edmonton. I’ll be back to visit every once in a little while.

To the University of Alberta. To Remedy Cafe. To Dadeo’s on Whyte. To the Anthony Henday. To those stupid Silver balls. To the insanity of West Edmonton Mall. To the dedication to a hockey team that many cities would have abandoned a long time ago. To the end of the world spot. To the River Valley.

See ya.