Just Show Up

When in doubt, just remember to show up. It's something I have written about in the past before, whether directly or indirectly. So, just show up. Nothing is more … [Read more...]

Was 2016 the worst year ever? If you want it to be

There's been a narrative so loud about 2016 being the worst year ever that even I can't ignore it. The low information diet can't avoid the fuss about this one. Some people are calling it the worst … [Read more...]

Living Well is the Best Revenge

Did something happen on November 8th, 2016? Of course something did. Go check your Twitter feed, or the news, or your Facebook wall. In fact, you yourself may have written a long post about … [Read more...]

What Happens When You Put Your Phone Away for Awhile?

Nothing really, to be honest. It comes across as a bit edgy, but this Moby video that was recently released brings up a good point about technology addiction. Try a day without a phone and see … [Read more...]

The Curious Case of the Recluse

In a time when it's easier than ever to reach anyone , it's refreshing that there are those who still maintain a wall of privacy. There have been many incredible creators over the years who have … [Read more...]

Why Is Pitchfork “The Most Trusted Voice in Music”?

Let's paint a picture for a moment here. An artist that you greatly admire has a new album coming out soon. You've been waiting anxiously for a couple of years for it. You might have listened to the … [Read more...]