The Timing is Never Right

The timing is never right, so don't wait for it. Otherwise, you'll spend your life waiting, wondering what if. You'll think that the market is in a terrible spot, so it's not the time to invest. … [Read more...]

How to Reinvigorate Your Life

Over the last week, my life has felt reinvigorated. My writings have felt more inspired. I feel more energetic. My workouts have been much more intense. I'm enjoying music more. My relationships with … [Read more...]

Getting Support

Over the last few days, the amount of support that I have received has been staggering. After parting ways with my previous employee, I have reached out to a number of individuals who have been more … [Read more...]

Morning Routines

Much has been made about morning routines. There have been many prominent books about morning routines. A quick google search will bring up the morning routines of many prominent individuals … [Read more...]

Travel Disrupting Routine

Travel has a way of disrupting routine. Sometimes this can be beneficial, and sometimes not. You can get yourself out of the work routine. The early morning with coffees and your commute, your office … [Read more...]