David Bowie – A Fan Letter

David Bowie,

It’s been a little over a week since your passing. It’s a strange one to still comprehend. Much has been said about him since his passing.

David Bowie – A True Diamond Dog

People talk about reinvention. How is is possible to reinvent yourself so many times over the course of your life? David Bowie did just that. Sometimes it worked out more than others, but you were always willing to think outside the box, to poke the box, to try something new, to bend the status quo. You were able to keep people guessing and have them catch up, as opposed to you catching up.

David Bowie – 25 Albums

25 albums is an incredible achievement. Most musicians can barely break the 5 album mark, and yet alone have quality albums. You had incredible albums, David, ranging all the way back to the 60s right up to your death.

David Bowie – Low and Heroes

You had many eras of albums. The Low and Heroes era are my favorite. At the age of 30, when many had him written as down and out, a has-been, you created albums that were far ahead of their time and have stood that test of time. Only few artists can claim to have such incredible work.

David Bowie – A man with many hats

Even those not familiar with your music know who you are. Perhaps they recognize you from Labyrinth, or the various movies that you have appeared in over the years. You simply just didn’t settle for musician, and it never felt like a stretch with having your hand in many baskets.

David Bowie – We can be Heroes

A few years ago in China, I was on an airplane, alone and miserable. I had some terrible issues with my visa that I had to deal with. I was pissed off. I had most of the issues cleared up, but not everything. I threw on my headphones, and listened to Heroes. The song hit me like a ton of bricks. In that moment, it became one of my favorite songs ever. It’s still up there.

David Bowie – Gone but not Forgotten

The amount of work that you put over the years in a wide range of mediums is unparalleled. There has not been a death of such a figure with such impact in quite some time. You were a true original, the definition of an outlier who played by their own rules, who wrote their own rulebook, threw it out, and wrote a new one, time and time again.

The stars are looking very different today. Goodbye David.


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