Close Friends – On nurturing and maintenance

The last few weeks have have taught my the importance of close friends and the importance of keeping those friendships strong.

I’ve had an interesting few weeks and I have found myself reinvigorated. It’s funny how the simple things in life get lost in the shuffle when we’re busy with our work, and filling up the hours of our day with (hopefully) productive work. We get absorbed into it and we can ignore the world around us, from our bodies, our minds, our family, our close friends. As John Lennon said:

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

We take our friendships for granted that they will maintain themselves. This is not the case. Like anything, remaining close friends requires work, first with building a strong foundation and then nurturing it as time goes on. 

Close friends will be there for you in times of need.

With the major life change that I had happen a couple of weeks ago, I found it incredibly reinvigorating in regards to solidifying my friendships. All other distractions were removed and I was able to build more solid, more deep relationships as a result.

That said, why did it require a parting of a job to deepen these relationships?

  • Does it take a serious illness like cancer to rekindle friendships or end old grudges?
  • Does it take the passing of a loved one to bring people back together?
  • Does it require a major life event to deepen these relationships?

No. It does not.

We know better than this. Sometimes all it takes is a quick phone call, a brief conversation, a hug, a chat over coffee to deepen these bonds with close friends. In some circumstances, we may live countries or continents apart, but we can still maintain these with a quick hello via a Skype call or Facebook message.

What’s your relationship like with your close friends?

More likely than not, they need maintenance. If you have a solid foundation, keeping that friendship can be simple, but do not neglect it. With a bit of time and energy, you can maintain these close friends and become even closer than before.

Please don’t wait for a career change, an illness, or a death for this to happen. 

This post was inspired by Ben Casnocha