Changing The World

Changing the world doesn’t need to be so difficult.

You can be like an Elon Musk and build several multi- billion dollar businesses. You can be like Google’s moonshot program, where you do not try to find solutions to problems unless they can help one billion people. You can be like countless companies that primarily originate and thrive out of Silicon Valley, disrupting industries and becoming multi-billion dollar business. These are ways that we look to in regards to changing the world.

Sometimes changing the world requires you to only change someone else’s world.

I recently read “Will it fly” by Pat Flynn (I highly recommend reading it) and Pat talks about a story where he was getting grilled on a podcast that the businesses that he were building were not big enough, not grand enough, and not helping enough people. Pat came up with a response on the fly that was along the lines of the following:

What I do doesn’t need to change the world, I just need to change someone else’s world.

That quote has stuck with me has changed my view in ways of changing the world.

When I was younger, I thought changing the world needed to be grand.

I had all these aspirations of building a large business that would make billions.  As time went on, I of course realized how much work and time that would require, and for various reasons, I don’t think I would be cut out for it. I got a little bummed out about it, and over time have shifted my focus towards changing someone else’s world. There are plenty of people out in the world changing the world on a grand scale, creating solutions to problems that millions or billions of people deal with and reach them on a large scale.

I think the issue is that people feel this is the only way they can be changing the world, instead of starting something small. In this way, they can change their own world, and can change someone else’s world.

Perhaps you start a podcast, and one episode finally convinces someone to make a change in their life, changing their world.

Perhaps a blog entry that you write convinces someone to start a business, to end a relationship, to travel around the world, to make a career change. Perhaps it’s the tipping point that finally leads to changing their world.

Perhaps a book you release changes one’s perspective and changes their world.

Maybe that small business that you run offers a service or product that helps save someone’s marriage, business, or even life. Perhaps that tiny little nudge is all someone requires.

Sometimes a tiny gesture is all that is required to change someone’s world. In that way, that small impact that you’re doing is changing the world.

Don’t feel that you need to a name that everyone in the world knows. Don’t feel that you need to build a multi-billion dollar business to change the world. Don’t feel that you need to be a #1 New York times best-selling author ten times over to make a difference.

Taking a small step, and sometimes that’s all you need, to change someone’s world.

I would recommend reading the article 1000 true fans by Kevin Kelly for supplementary reading.