A Fan Letter to – Nick Cave

This is a new type of post that I’ll be doing, I got inspired by the book Steal Like an Artist. It suggested writing a fan letter to people that you admire, and what better way to do this than share it publicly as opposed to writing them directly? Perhaps one day you will read this Nick?

I discovered Nick Cave not too long ago, perhaps late 2013. I’ve heard of Nick Cave before, as his name was getting thrown around a lot to me in artist recommendations (I was listening to a lot of Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen at the time). I would listen to his greatest hits in the background while working, but I didn’t delve too deeply into Nick Cave’s work. Almost a year ago, Nick Cave played a show in Edmonton that I attended, and boy I was blown away and yet full of regret at the same time. I’ve never seen someone engage so uniquely with their audience the way that Nick Cave does. I think I tweeted after the show that Nick Cave “reminds me of a cross between gollum from Lord of the Rings and Mick Jagger”. The way he would dart around the stage, reach out to his audience, and at some points, find his way deep into the crowd. It was magic.

The regret comes from deciding to get balcony seats as opposed to the lower section where we could’ve made our way to the front, which looked like an incredible experience (just check any youtube clip of him performing and you’ll see why).

Anyways, Nick Cave, I’ve become a fan for life. I’ve been bummed out the last couple of years that I haven’t made major musical discoveries like I used to back in high school and my early twenties, but you have been one of them, and you’ve risen so far up my list it’s incredible. You don’t have a single bad album, which is something that is next to impossible to say about other artists (and many that I enjoy passionately). It’s pretty impressive that you’ve more or less kept your look the same since the 80s. Nick Cave, you are Australia’s greatest export and one of the finest musicians around. I would love to have the opportunity to sit down with you one day and have a chat about life.



If you’re unfamiliar with Nick Cave, I’d recommend to check out his greatest hits first, or the album “Let Love In”. Perhaps even try the documentary about Nick Cave that came out last year, 20000 Days on Earth.