2017 Week 21 Challenge – Yoga

I've been doing Yoga off and on (mostly on) since mid 2010, so about 7 years ago. It was interesting to move out to Vancouver where it is extremely prominent, and the home of companies like … [Read more...]

2017 Week 20 Challenge – Sending a Birthday Card

Like most people, I've fallen into saying "happy birthday" only when I see it on Facebook. How many birthdays do you remember? Beyond your family, or loved ones, or closest friends. For better or for … [Read more...]

2017 Week 18 Challenge – Recipes

This is my favorite cookie recipe...give it a try! Have I made these type of cookies yet? No. To be honest, baking has never been my thing. Looking at the time of the challenge, this was when I … [Read more...]

2017 Week 17 Challenge – Time for Tea

Invite a friend for tea, and enjoy some good conversation. Note: I've let these blog entries slip off, so I'm catching up again trying to remember what I did with all these challenges.  Being new … [Read more...]

2017 Week 15 Challenge – Borrowing a Book on Something I Know Little About

I'm a big fan of the library. One of my favorite things to do at the library is borrow something that I know nothing about. I found my love of latin guitar music this way. Can you visit the library … [Read more...]

2017 Week 14 Challenge – The Telephone Call

Do you phone people or are you a chronic texter? I'm a chronic texter. It's nice to get a phone call and have hear someone's voice. How do you feel more with people? Through FB? Through text? On the … [Read more...]