2017 Week 15 Challenge – Borrowing a Book on Something I Know Little About

I'm a big fan of the library. One of my favorite things to do at the library is borrow something that I know nothing about. I found my love of latin guitar music this way. Can you visit the library … [Read more...]

2017 Week 14 Challenge – The Telephone Call

Do you phone people or are you a chronic texter? I'm a chronic texter. It's nice to get a phone call and have hear someone's voice. How do you feel more with people? Through FB? Through text? On the … [Read more...]

2017 Week 13 Challenge – Sounds Like a Song

Music is my improv crutch. I am terrified of singing. Do you like music? Can you write a song?  Say no more! *Records short little song* This is a chord progression I've been strumming on an … [Read more...]

2017 Week 12 Challenge – We Can Be Heroes, but Just for One Day

*Note: I know that I skipped the Week 11 challenge, but Week 11 required something that I didn't currently have, so it's something to do for the future* Do you like superheroes? What about regular … [Read more...]

2017 Week 10 Challenge – Cooking for others

Sadly, I seemed to have misplaced the writeup for the challenge to do for this week. It was about cooking and enjoying a meal with others. Last week, I enjoyed a nice Pork Shoulder with my … [Read more...]

2017 Week 9 Challenge – Working on a New Skill or Hobby

It will be the start of a new month this week. Is there a skill you would like to work on or some new activity that you would like to try? Use this calendar to chart your schedule and how much time … [Read more...]