2017 Weekly Challenges: Week 22 – Week 28

Note: I switched to writing these in blurbs, as I felt that each week worked better as mini-posts.

Week 22:

Go camping this week, even if just for this week.

Have I done camping overnight in Vancouver yet? The answer is no, but I have had weekends where I have went for some great hiking trails. Whether it’s within the city like Pacific Spirit (which I have gone to a handful of times), or in areas north of the city, there’s so much to do here in regards to hiking.

Week 23:

The Movies

While I did not go at the time of this challenge, I did eventually go to one of the independent theatres here in Vancouver to watch Spirited Away. That’s a film that has been on my “to-watch” playlist for a long time, and I’m so glad that I watched it. I was blown away! I have since explored other Miyazaki works like Princess Mononoke and Howl’s Moving Castle.

Week 24:


Allergies weren’t as bad here in Vancouver as they were back in Edmonton. However, due to BC forest fires, I did get to deal with a couple of bad weeks of smoke that reminded me of the smog in China. Lots of people were walking around in surgeon masks and once the smoke disappeared, it’s like I forgot what fresh air was like for a couple of weeks.

Week 25:

Note: WordPress isn’t flipping these right for whatever reason.

Planting something.

Now where I am living, this is harder to do, but at this time, I did start planting the ideas for an improv group. That’s gone through some growing pains, but it’s still a work in progress.

Week 26:

Improv out of Edmonton:

On my second day in Vancouver, I went to an improv drop-in class. Ever since that time, I’ve been doing improv 1-3 times a week. It’s been interesting to take workshops and one day workshops to see the differences in styles that I have trained on, as well as the similarities.

Week 27:

Dance classes:

Now, at the time, I didn’t take a class that week, or have since. But I have given some thought about it.

I remember back in JR High I was way into DDR and was quite good at it.

I have gone to swing dances for dates, and those have worked well. I should look what there is in the Vancouver area.

Week 28: Noise

This is an interesting one.

I live in a great place in Vancouver, although it’s along a busy road, so there’s plenty of noise constantly. But you get used to it. As well, when I sleep, I use a white noise machine so it drowns it out.

I’ve been trying (sometimes better than others) to drown out the noise of the modern world. Fake news, clickbait, drama, etc, and instead focusing on old books in the form of paperback.