2017 Week 6 Challenge – The Wig

It’s not Halloween yet..but can you find a reason to rock this week in public this week? Does it create a new improv character? Or several?

*Attached: A brown wig of medium length that was quite curly.*

Sadly, when taking the wig out of the bag it was in, it was caught with the wrapping and ended up tearing quite a bit.

With that said, I will go over some improv characters that came to mind with it.

  • The carefree hippie that doesn’t care when anything major happens, but blows his shit when some very minor incident occurs.
  • The kid who’s constantly embarrassed by his parents, but yet is entirely reliant on them with everything that he does.
  • The awkward fellow who is simply awkward around everyone, but is actually extremely intelligent and wise…he just has a hard time showing it.
  • The stoner surfer who appears to be completely oblivious to everything around him, but is able to give good life lessons and was actually listening and paying attention all along.

What’s also funny about wigs is the fact that I have a shaved head.

My appearance becomes very, very different with a wig.

A few years for halloween, I went as Tommy Wiseau.


Oh hai Mark!

What most disappointed me about this costume is How. Few. People. Recognized. It. Someone asked me if I was Wayne’s World. Why can’t people appreciate bad films?

Anyways, looking back at this photo gives me more improv characters ideas, and not all of them are Tommy Wiseau.

Although he would make a great improv character if you could pull it off.

  • The father who went through a midlife crisis and is trying to reconnect to his roots, much to the embarrassment of his long-suffering wife and children.
  • The kid in High School who tries way too hard to stand out and be cool, and is extremely awkward to be around. He’s that one kid back then whom you would avert your eyes when they would walk in your direction.
  • An extension of the character above, he’s that person you’ll see at the grocery store and hope they don’t come up and talk to you, but they do. Despite how annoying that person can be, they end up giving you some very good advice about life.

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