2017 Week 5 Challenge – Natural Healing

Natural healing

Have you ever explored natural healing? What are your thoughts on naturopathy and using natural ingredients to heal ailments? Do you have any ailments that are troubling you? Explore your beliefs on naturpathy this week. Does it work? Do you need to believe in it for it to work?

*Inside is a small bottle from Sage of aromatherapy*

I’m a skepitc on a lot of things. Especially when it comes to stuff that gets thrown around with the new age world

Natural Healing

Natural Healing Seinfeld style

At the end of the day, I consider myself a skeptic.

That said, I’m probably more open to a lot of these ideas than other skeptics. Some yoga classes I go to, the instructor will do some aromatherapy at the end of class by rubbing something like lavendar on the side of the temples. Does it feel good? You’re damn right it does! Granted, they could rub ketchup on the side of the temples and I’m sure I’d still enjoy that.


What’s funny was that I was recently in Vancouver at an event and I ended up talking to people from the company Sage, and I asked them what they do about skeptics, or doubting Thomases such as myself.

Natural healing

Thomas: But you died. Jesus: I got better.

Granted, there’s other forms of natural healing.

I’d say meditation falls under this category. Or yoga.

I do think a lot of these other forms of natural healing, whatever they may be, are simply placebos at the end of the day. Now, is that good enough? If it helps people, does it do the trick? Is it better than going to a doctor and simply getting a prescription for whatever you’re dealing with?

We live in odd times where every little ailment can be seemingly taken care of by a doctor prescription.

And yes, for some cases, they’re needed to help with whatever ailments, whether short term or long term. They’re good to have access too. However, I think that instead of reaching for pills each time something feels bad or feels off, we explore other options. Perhaps that’s something along the lines of natural healing, or changing our mindset, or turning to age old practices that have been used for thousands of years.

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