2017 Week 16 Challenge – Borrowing a Book on Something I Know Little About


It’s been awhile since the start of the new year, time to play again! Get into this playdough and see how many things you can create! 

I wanted to take the time with this post to discuss the importance of play.

Why Free Play Is the Best Summer School

The authors studied the schedules and play habits of 70 six-year-old children, measuring how much time each of them spent in “less structured,” spontaneous activities such as imaginative play and self-selected reading and “structured” activities organized and supervised by adults, such as lessons, sports practice, community service and homework. They found that children who engage in more free play have more highly developed self-directed executive function. The opposite was also true: The more time kids spent in structured activities, the worse their sense of self-directed control.

Here’s Charlie Hoehn’s book related to the talk above:

Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety