2017 Week 15 Challenge – Borrowing a Book on Something I Know Little About


I’m a big fan of the library. One of my favorite things to do at the library is borrow something that I know nothing about. I found my love of latin guitar music this way. Can you visit the library this week and check out something you know nothing about?



Here we go! Source: Goodreads

Ok, so I had a bit of an idea about Watergate.

  • It had something to do with Nixon and bugging phones.
  • There was an informant named Deepthroat.
  • All those X-gate events go all the way back to Watergate.

Now? I have a fairly good understanding of Watergate.

That said, I still have only scratched the surface. There are so many layers, and names to remember in regards to Watergate.

Did you know Watergate was the name of a building? Now I do. 


Reading the book reminded me of this image. Source: Reddit

Damn, did that go deep.

I was expecting to only read for like 30 minutes, and before I knew it, three hours flew by. You couldn’t script a more dramatic movie. In fact, I watched the movie of All The President’s Men with my Dad over the Easter weekend.

I’m glad I read the book first, as I probably would have been even more confused with Watergate.