2017 Week 14 Challenge – The Telephone Call


Do you phone people or are you a chronic texter? I’m a chronic texter. It’s nice to get a phone call and have hear someone’s voice. How do you feel more with people? Through FB? Through text? On the phone? Are we getting more used to avoiding speaking on the phone? Can you phone three people just to say hi?

I wish I could find the thread, but there was an askreddit thread I saw a few months ago where people were asked what they feared the most that they used to not fear. Top response?

Phoning people.

Yep, it’s a strange one. We’ve gotten used to texting. Remember when it was a novelty?

Source: Joe.co.uk

And yes, I’m guilty of it too. 

I have been making more phone calls since I’m moving to Vancouver.

Or at the very least, meeting people face to face. And yes, we are moving away from phone calls. We have been for a long time. Which is too bad. There’s something that a phone call can take care of far quicker than back and forth texting.

Sadly, it’s something that’s not discussed very much.